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Ira Storr (November 17, 1958)

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IraStorr2.jpg (74684 bytes)  Ira Storr is the Musician/Arranger/Composer behind Spank Band, as well as a prolific recording artist. Following a career of playing with various groups and on various recordings with others, such as Eddie Minnis and RonnieButler, Ira stepped out on his own to record the Island Life album in 1995. It is around that time that Spank Band was formed.("spank” is a reference to or symbol of the action of beating the goatskin drum, which is the heart of much Bahamian music). The Spank Band usually consists of five musicians and although some musicians may have changed, for the past decade, the group has been the band of choice for backing noted Bahamian recording artists such as Sweet Emily, Eugene Davis AKA GenoD, Ira Storr, KB, and Funky D. Their fame is acclaimed locally as well as internationnaly; they have performed throughout the United States, as well as Europe and the Caribbean circuits.
When they perform, you know that despite their individual gifts and despite the group’s successes, they ultimately look beyond themselves; they look at “the Bahamian thing.” Their message is organic – it’s in their name; it’s who they are. Listen to them when they performed at the Bahamas 30th Anniversary of Independance!

See also Nassau Gardian Special Tribute to Ira Storr May 7, 2004

SpankBand2004a.jpg (170132 bytes)Spank Band Members in 2004:
Linc Scavella - Keyboard, Jeff Mackey - Bass, Ira Storr -
band leader and lead guitarist, Michael Hoyte - Keyboard, Kenwood McKenzie - Drums

Spank1.jpg (239421 bytes)  Spank Band 2002 (photo left): Ira Storr, Ken McKenzie - Drums, Dennis Peterson - Base, Linc Scavella - Keyboard, Nat Adams - Keyboard


 Recordings: Solo Albums:
Bread and Butter LABEL: Stars CATALOG CD#: 6300 RELEASE DATE: May 4, 1996
Bread and Butter -
You by My Side -
Round and Round -
You'll Take A Piece of my Heart With You -
Island In The Sun -
Sugar Apple Guinep -
Angel -
Look What Ya Could Get -
Love Line -
Look What Ya Could Get (Instrumental)
Notes from
Ira Storr performs local island style of music in the Rake & Scrape and Junkanoo rhythms. He has been influenced by various musicians including Blind Blake and Marvin Gaye. He performs solo, with K.B. as the Spank Band and with many other performers in the islands. CS: storr1 calypso 1 island2
Island Life LABEL: IS Records CATALOG CD#: 6350 RELEASE DATE: September 22, 1995




Notes from
Following a career of playing with various groups and on various recordings with others, Ira stepped out on his own to record the Island Life album. It contains eight original songs. This is Ira's first solo album, recorded in 1995 and recently re-released. Ira presents down to earth calypso beats and sings about island life. His popular song Fish Fry highlights this album.. His career has escalated in recent years, playing with Spank Band and releasing new music. SC: storr1 calypso1 island2

Also appears on recordings:

for Marvin Handfield: Looking Back RELEASE DATE: 2003

for GenoD:
music and vocals on Geno D - Bahama Bay  Stars Records, Sweetwater Production April 16, 2001
Bass/ Guitars on Geno D - Island Vibes LABEL: Funkman March 20, 2000
Guitars on Geno D - Golden Oldies Bahamian Style - Volume 1 LABEL: Funkman April, 1998

For Ramblers:
Guitar, on Eddie Minnis - Island Life wit der Ramblers Potluck Enterprises EM004 1979
Guitar on Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers: Expressions of Love; 1978 Pot Luck Stereo LM-000

for Sweet Emily:
Guitar on Queen of Junkanoo - LABEL: Stars 1998
lead guitarist on two songs on Sweeter LABEL: Sweetheart Records 2000

for KB:
Guitar, BG Vocals on KB's Bahamian Hits LABEL: Stars RELEASE DATE: August 21, 1996
on Conch Juice LABEL: Stars Records RELEASE DATE: November 18, 1995

for Spice:
Spice  Stars Records S-1297  RELEASE DATE: February 3, 2001

Best of the Best Volume 4 - Stars#: 5327 - June 20, 2003
Best of Calypso - Volume 1 - Bahama-Rama Records#: BRR533 - February 14, 2003
Island Jams -Stars Records# 6380 - November 8, 2002
Keep The Vibe Alive-Stars#: 6825 - February 1, 2002
Best of the Best - Volume 3 - Stars#: 5325 - June 21, 2001
Best of the Best - Volume 2 - Stars#: 5200 - May 1, 2000
Best of the Best - Volume 1 - Stars#: 5200 - April 10, 1998

Contact Information

Ira Storr (242) 341-0932

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Marvin Henfield - Looking Back - CD#: 6250 RELEASE DATE: 2003
MarvinHandfield_LookingBak1a.jpg (16411 bytes)

TRACK LISTINGS: You Got YOur Troubles,I Got Mine / Looking Back / Do Me Baby / The Ties That Bind / The Monkey Song / Wedding Bells DESCRIPTION: This CD is specially priced due to the fact it only has 6 songs. What is lacks in number of songs it makes up for in the music and the singing of Marvin. Noteables such as Ira Storr and Alia Coley add to the music on the CD. The CD was produced by Fred Ferguson. SC: island1 other1 calypso2 new1

Geno D - Bahama Bay LABEL: Stars Records,
Sweetwater Production April 16, 2001

TRACK LISTINGS: Goin Back Home - Bahama Bay - Bring Ya Back - Dance Da Night Away - Hooked - Cant Keep A Good Man Down - Blue, Black N Gold - Rock Ya Body - Bahamian Heroes - Bahama Bay (Instrumental) -
notes from:
Geno D releases his fourth album continuing his zest for upbeat island music that keeps you dancing. He pays tribute to the Bahamas Golden Girls track stars with the song Blue, Black n Gold and to other influential Bahamians on the song Bahamian Heroes. His song Rock Ya Body was originally released on the Best of The Best Volume 2 album in the summer of 2000 and now is included in this album of original music. The album contains a mixture of calypso and rake n scrape music and finishes with an instrumental version of the title track Bahama Bay. Continuing the latest Bahamian craze among musicians, he does a superb job on a duet with Spice on the song "Dance Da Night Away" He is joined in music and vocals by Colyn McDonald, Ira Storr and several others. SC: geno1 calypso1 rake1 island2

Geno D - Island Vibes LABEL: Funkman March 20, 2000

1 Keep Da Vibe Alive - 2 Da Fisherman Song - 3 Sappodlily - 4Never Mind Da Noise - 5 Sweet Like Sugar - 6 My Island Girl - 7 Stagger Lee -
8 Look What Ya Could Get - 9 Junkanoo - 10 Foolish Frog - 11 Ya Gotta Come Back -
Review from:
Geno D sings island music that is intent on keeping the distinctive style of music in the forefront of the Bahamian culture. His rendition of "Keep Da Vibe Alive" reflects on the great musicians of the Bahamas and says that the music of those musicians who set the foundation must be kept alive by current and future singers. His version of Stagger Lee became a big hit in the Bahamas.
Band members: Geno D - Lead Vocals
Ira Storr - Bass/ Guitars
Shawn Patton - Bass
Paul Davis - Guitars
Dillon McKenzie - Keyboards/Drums
Al Davis - Keyboards
SC: geno1 calypso1 junkanoo1 island2

Geno D - Golden Oldies Bahamian Style - Volume 1
LABEL: Funkman April, 1998

TRACK LISTINGS: In The Ghetto - This Magic Moment - Suspicious Minds - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - This Island Gal O Mine - A Lover's Question - Mr. Pitiful - Rose - Youll Lose A Good Thing - Green, Green Grass Of Home
Review from:
Geno D puts the island flavor into these oldies formerly done by Elvis Presley, Jim Groce and others. This is a very popular album among those who like oldies with the island rhythms.
Band members:
Geno D - Lead Vocals
Dillon McKenzie - Keyboards/Drums
Ira Storr - Guitars
Paul Davis - Guitars
Elkin Johnson - Bass
SC: geno1 calypso1 island2



Eddie Minnis - Island Life wit der Ramblers Potluck Enterprises EM004 1979

 EddieMinnis_IslandLife1b.jpg (254494 bytes)
Eddie Minnis - Lead Vocals
Der Rampblers:
Sidney Darling - Bass, Background Vocals
Henry Johnson - Electric Piano, Organ, Background Vocals
Ira Storr, Guitar ,
Charlie Dean - Drums
Carl Rodgers - Guitar, Background Vocals
Joel Pickering - Saw (Island Life)
IraStorrEddieMinnis.jpg (23361 bytes)

Eddie Minnis and Ira in Eleuthera




Expressions of Love - Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers - Pot Luck Stereo LM-000 or 003

RonnieButler_andTheRamblers1a.jpg (196882 bytes)

 RonnieButler_andTheRamblers1b.jpg (211836 bytes)


 Pictured on the front cover from left to right:
Ira Storr , Sidney Darling Ronnie Butler Henry Johnson Carl Rodgers Charlie Dean

Liner Notes:All songs written by Eddie Minnis


Album: Queen of Junkanoo - LABEL: Stars CATALOG CD#: 8200 1998

Tracks:  Look Wha' Ya Do - Nobody's Child - Forever - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Come Back Home - In My Heart - Bring Back Da Good Ole Days - Lil Bit - Island Lullaby
Review from:
This second album from Sweet Emily includes the hit song Look Wha' Ya Do, a duet with Ronnie Butler. The song is also contained on Ronnie's Junk-a-Blues album. This album has catapulted Emily to the stardom she richly deserves. Fred Ferguson, formerly of the BahaMen, adds both his songwriting and his voice to this album. Emily is also joined by singer-songwriter Ira Storr who plays guitar on several tracks . Several other musicians and singers contributed to this album. SC: sweet1 calypso1 junkanoo1 island2

Sweeter LABEL: Sweetheart Records - December 17, 2000

TRACK LISTINGS: What's On Ya Mind - Pressure - Hush - Where Peaceful Waters Flow - Read My Mind - Best of Times - Hush (Reggae Remix) - What's On Your Mind (Remix) - Shake Me Take Me -
Review from:
Emily releases her third album with a big day in Nassau including a motorcade and a free concert. She combines traditional rhythms with a Latin flavor and some reggae to this album. Steel pans add the island flavor to some songs. Duets with Eddie Minnis and Funky D highlight this album and producer Fred Ferguson adds his special touch to the songs Best of Times and Read My Mind. Ira Storr joins in as lead guitarist on two songs . This third album from Emily helps cement her position as one of the top female artists in the islands. SC: sweet1 calypso island2

KB's Bahamian Hits LABEL: Stars - August 21, 1996

TRACK LISTINGS: She Fat - All De Meat - Juicy Suzy - She Jump - Lick Me With De Rhythm - Robinson Yard - U Con Get Hook - Party Get Hot Hot - I Soca - They Come Back For More - Ghost In De Well - Please, Please, Please -
BG Vocals: Jeff Chea, Ira Storr , Michael Hoyte, Spyda Smith, Nehemiah Hield, K.B., Evrette Dwayne and Perry Clarke, Derek Knowles, Lovelee Knowles, Chris Justilien
Guitars: Kirk Coakley, Jeff Chea, Ira Storr , Edison Rolle, Fred Ferguson, Derek Knowles
Bass: K.B. , Everette Clarke
Keyboards: K.B., Michael Hoyte, Dwayne Clarke, Edison Rolle, Fred Ferguson
Drum (Overdubs) Kirk Coakley, Micahel Hoyte, K.B.
Review from
K.B. is known for his story telling while incorporating the Bahamian sound of Junkanoo, Goombay and Rake & Scrape into his music. He started out as the lead vocalist/frontman for the Eggo Trip Band, a studio band. The band won an award for their first recording called Party. He has opened for international acts. SC: kb1 calypso1 island2

Conch Juice LABEL: Stars Records - November 18, 1995

TRACK LISTINGS: What is Conch Juice - Commission Talk - Play By Ma Sef - Sweet Potato Bread Coo Coo Soup 21 Gun Salute Ya Windin She Bawl Im A Freak Riddin & Rhyme Once Voice Dont Be Shy If U Go Away Promise Me Last But Not Least -
Review from:
Featuring two island favorites Sweet Potato Bread and Coo Coo Soup. Others performing on this album include Ira Storr , Fred Ferguson, Neimiah Hield, and Sweet Emily. SC: kb1 calypso1 island2

Spice  Stars Records S-1297  RELEASE DATE: February 3, 2001
Spice1a.jpg (174258 bytes)

TRACK LISTING: Le We Wind - Bahamian Music - Dirty Dog - Wine With Me - Dance The Night Away - Spicy - Medley - A Good Man - Im A Better Woman Than You - Junka Music - Ill Have You In My Dreams

Review from:

Spice releases her first solo album with a special celebration at the 601 club in Nassau on February 3, 2001. Formerly with the Soulful Groovers, Spice delivers an outstanding performance on great music written by such notables as K.B., Colyn McDonald, Ira Storr and Fred Ferguson. Her Calypso style accompanied by Junkanoo traditions produce traditional and modern music of the Bahamas. Duets with Geno D and T'rez Hepburn add highlights to Spices singing.



Best of the Best Volume 4 - Stars#: 5327 - June 20, 2003

TRACK LISTING: You Gat What IT Takes - Stevie S / Next Chance - The Falcons / U Get Swing - Geno D / Regatta Time Again - The Brilanders / Jump Up - Visage / Take Over De Party - Funky D / Deep Space - K.B. / Let Me See You Whinin' - Sweet Emily / Oooh, Look How She Whinin' - Colyn McDonald / The Stage Is Mine - T'Rez Hepburn / Taxi Driver - Ronnie Butler / Bad Mind - Veronica Bishop / U Aint See Nuttin' Yet - Ira Storr / Can't Stand The Heat - Spice / Dog House - Extra Band.
Review from: The Best of the Best Volume 4 is the newest release in the series that began in 1998. It is filled with great music from 15 different artists and bands and includes some rake n' scrape music and soca along with the island sounds. This could be the best of the series yet, only time will tell. SC: best1 collections1 new1 island2 soca1 rake1

Best of Calypso - Volume 1 - Bahama-Rama Records#: BRR533 RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2003

TRACK LISTING: Nobody Wan' Dead - Ronnie Butler/Come Go With Me(Back To Bimini) - Stevie S/Coo Coo Soup - K.B./ Stealin Love - The Falcons/ Island In The Sun - Ira Storr / Say What You Like - Nita/ Hot Hot Hot - Island Boys/Don't Hold Back - Visage/ Bahamian Music - Dry Bread/ Ya Remember When - Geno D/ Shake Ya Boom Boom - T'Rez Hepburn/ Caribbean Medley - The Falcons. Review from:
This is the album you've been waiting for. The hottest bands and most talented musicians of the Islands of the Bahamas have been brought together on Bahama-Rama Records. Acknowledged as top bands in the islands are The Falcons and Visage. The Falcons' "Stealin' Love" was the #2 song of the year in the Bahamas in 2001. The "Godfather of Bahamian Music", Ronnie Butler starts the album with "Nobody Wan' Dead", his latest release, and the Falcons end the album with their "Caribbean Medley", an 11 minute dancehall mix medley of the traditional songs of the islands. The archives have been tapped to add the Island Boys version of "Hot Hot Hot", a favorite song among visitors to the islands. It says dance music on the cover and it means it in the music. This album will keep your body moving to the beat of the islands. No dribble-drabble music here. Volume 1 is the first release in the Island Memories Collection. SC: collections1 calypso1 island2

Island Jams -Stars Records# 6380 - November 8, 2002
IslandJams1a.jpg (207593 bytes)

TRACK LISTINGS: Nobody Want Dead, Ronnie Butler - Das' Bahamian Culture, KB - Get Up, Ira Storr & Geno D - Palmetto Point, Stevie S - Take Me Home, Priscilla Rollins - Hooked, Geno D - Follow Me, Sweet Emily - Hold Your Head (Remix), Stevie S - Oh Do U Know, T'rez Hepburn - Stealin Love, Falcons - Been There Done That, Spice - Don't Hold Back, Visage - Good Lord, Nita - Traditional Medley, Funky D.
Review from:
This latest release from the island includes 4 new songs and a remix of Hold Your Head. Stars Records has added another 9 songs that are popular dance songs and range from reggae to soca. SC: compilations1 island2 soca2 reggae2

Keep The Vibe Alive-Stars#: 6825 - February 1, 2002

TRACK LISTINGS: Harbour Island - The Brilanders We Are Da Sting - Stevie S Junkanoo Rock - Ira Storr Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Sweet Emily Ghost In Da Well - K.B. Gal If I Had You - Geno D Stay With Me - The Falcons Bahamian Music - Spice Burma Road - Ronnie Butler Why Did You Leave Me - Stevie S Shake Ya Boom Boom - TRez Hepburn Keep On Loving You - Frankie Victory and Dreamquest Say What You Like - Nita Keep The Vibe Alive - Geno D
Review from:
The latest release from the Bahamas includes both new songs not previously released and songs released in the past years, some re-mixed and some just great the way they were originally released. The CD starts with 3 new songs. Harbour Island by the Brilanders is the latest single getting radio play in the Bahamas. The next song on the CD is a new one from Stevie S and the third is by the great songwriter-singer Ira Storr. Some of the best previously released songs from a variety of artists have been included on this Album. Re-mixes of Geno Ds Girl If I Had You and The Falcons Stay With Me highlight the album.The album finishes with the title song of the album Keep The Vibe Alive, Geno Ds salute to Bahamian musicians some alive and some that have passed on. SC: calypso1 junkanoo1 rake1 soca1 island2 compilations1

Best of the Best - Volume 3 - Stars#: 5325 -: June 21, 2001

TRACK LISTINGS: Strokeman - K.B./Come Go With Me - Stevie S./ Follow Me - Sweet Emily/ Bad Ways, Bad Pay - Ronnie Butler/ Dont Hold Back - Visage/ Stay With Me - The Falcons/ Work Up A Sweat - Nita/ Gal If I Had You - Geno D/ Wine Like Ya Crazy - Colyn McDonald/ I Got To Party - Spice/ Spanky Go Home - Ira Storr / Woman Dey Smarter - Funky D/ Good Luck Charm - TRez Hepburn/ Mash De Roach - The Soulful Groovers/ Stinkin Goat Skin - Frankie Zhivago
Review from:
Best of the Best -Volume 3 continues the tradition that Stars records began in 1998. Fifteen of the top island musicians and groups contribute to this new album, and they have stepped up the music pace. Each musician contributing to this album has spent long hours writing and recording their songs for this album. The album is full of Soca, Rake n Scrape, Junkanoo and island rhythms. SC: best1 junkanoo1 rake1 soca1 island2 collections1

Best of the Best - Volume 2 - Stars#: 5200 - May 1, 2000

TRACK LISTINGS: Biggest Box in Da' World - K.B. Stealin' Love - The Falcons How Could You Do That - Colyn McDonald Baby, I Love You - Ronnie Butler Blacker Da Berry (Sweet Man) - Priscilla Rollins She Ready - Ira Storr Rock Ya Body - Geno D Suga' Shack - Trez Hepburn Just a Little Bit - Funky D Woman Is Head - In & Out Of Bed - New Sensation Band Why Did You Leave Me - Steve Smith Junkanoo Music - Nita Linda's House - Frankie Victory Plenty Fish in the Sea - Soulful Groovers -
Review from:
Featuring the #1 hit in the Bahamas Stealin' Love by the Falcons. Contains fourteen brand new songs written especially for this album which is destined to be a classic in Bahamian music. SC: best1 calypso1 junkanoo1 rake1 soca1 island2 collections1

Best of the Best - Volume 1 - Stars#: 5200 - April 10, 1998
BestOfTheBest1_1a.jpg (164661 bytes)

 TRACK LISTINGS: Obeah - Spank Band Goin' Down to Raysha - The Falcons Say What You Like - Nita Sweet Potato Bread - K.B. Crazy Boyo - Funky D Why Ya Bodder Me? - Sweet Emily Sugar Apple Guinep - Ira Storr Bain Town Woman - Pat Rahming Das Junkanoo - Visage Stick & Move - Nita Ya Windin' - K.B. De Centre - Funky D Someday - Sweet Emily Look What Ya Could Get - Ira Storr Energy - Visage -
Review from:
A compilation of songs from the biggest stars and best bands in the Bahamas. Hard driving island music. Will have you dancing in your seat. SC: best1 calypso1 junkanoo1 rake1 soca1 collections1