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Ira's Music Career

Spanning over decades...

 This Page is under construction and only represents a sample of Ira's versatility and popularity throughout his music career. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Press Reviews:
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Best of Best, Multiple Concerts and ALL Best of Best Albums...
  011001BestofBest .jpg (1234217 bytes)  BestofBest3.jpg (23734 bytes)
  ... Best of The Best 3 in Freeport, 2001
See Music section with Ira Storr partcipating to ALL Best of The Best albums
 Caribbean Muzik Festival 94, 95, 96, ...One Bahamas Heritage Festivals
International: Tours from 1990 to 1997
JimmyBuffatIra.jpg (101659 bytes) JimmyBuffetFunkBand.jpg (234716 bytes) JimmyBuffetMargaritavlle.jpg (260748 bytes)

JimmyBuffetFunkBandatMargarita.jpg (389888 bytes)  ...KeyWest wih Jimmy Buffet

USIraondrums.jpg (297483 bytes)
UStheband.jpg (344235 bytes)   
   ..New York, 1993,1995, 1996
 USstudiotheband.jpg (211959 bytes)  USstudioIra.jpg (175428 bytes) ... in Studio with Atlantic
Spank Band 1998:
Ira Storr, band leader and lead guitarist;
Kirkland Bodie (KB), lead vocal and rhythm key board;
Eliakim Johnson, bass guitarist;
Byron Thompson, key board; and
Basil Lightbourn, drums and vocals.

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